• September 4, 2017
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  • Author: Caroline Hemingway


It’s my NO. 1 go to…. the thing I constantly keep at the forefront of my mind. WHY? Because when we remember to live with gratitude, everything in life becomes appreciated, beautiful and worth living for.

right now, it’s spring….. and i’m so grateful.

Things are new everywhere – blossoms and daffodils are flowering, baby magpies are being hatched (which means we are being swooped by their protective parents) and the sun is trying to come out, although winter is trying so hard to hang on. I love spring!

It is such an inspiring time of year because it is the beginning of things – I love new beginnings.

With this in mind I am happy to say that

book 4 of the destiny chroniclesThe Golden Cage

the golden cage

is complete. I have ordered my proof copy and awaiting its delivery – then one final edit to ensure I am satisfied with it, then it is all systems go for publishing it.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that I have completed four books – I remember writing the first one – I was so insecure and lacked confidence but I was determined to finish it. Granted, I realise that the first book was the simplest and probably the weakest book in the series, but I have come to terms with it. For a while I considered rewriting it and improving it, but I have decided against this, as it is part of my journey as a writer and was exactly where I was at at the time of my writing progression.

I believe in showing the average and my mistakes as I travel this road. None of us are perfect. Besides, I want others to know that you don’t have to be perfect at writing or a New York Times Bestseller to enjoy writing and to be able to create.

I feel so privileged and grateful for my journey and the opportunities I’ve had to create.

NO, I am not famous or even well-known – I haven’t sold thousands or even hundreds of my books YET (I’m ever hopeful) but I am full of gratitude for those who have encouraged me, for the chance to keep writing and for the enjoyment I get from creating stories.

Recently,  I was so honoured to be interviewed by my 11 year old son and three of his classmates for the local radio station ( CASEY 97.7 FM). They asked me about my books and it was such fun. They did an amazing job considering they had never done a radio interview before. Have a listen below if you are interested or follow this link: More on the Radio Interview



So I want to end this post by encouraging you to enjoy life, be grateful for the little things, Create and enjoy the process without believing you have to be perfect or brilliant at what you are making. Live with gratitude.





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