Hey there, Caroline here...

I’m a crazy creative who loves nothing more than using words to transport people to new and imagined worlds. 

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts we have as humans, but most of us believe that we don’t have a creative bone in our bodies. This is simply not true. What we may lack is confidence to create because we don’t know where to start or it may be unfamiliar to us.


I am now an author, but it took me a years to break out of my fear and insecurity and to self-publish my first book. 

What if people didn’t like it? What if it wasn’t good enough? 

These questions plagued me, but fortunately the writing bug had bitten and I was determined to finish my story. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. Taking risks is something I am familiar with.

I wasn’t an expert when I started writing – far from it. What I did have was a dream, a determination to step out of my comfort zone and just do it. I learned along the way, making many time-consuming mistakes, but through it I learned that writing has so many wonderful benefits and more importantly, I learned that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

I’ve had my fair share of trauma, but it has made me grateful for each new day, for the opportunity to embrace life and live it beyond regret. I make an effort to live in the moment, to express myself creatively and to make the world a better place. 

The result of all my experiences (both good and bad) has brought me to a place where I want to help others find confidence in their unique creativity. It looks different for each of us, which is what makes it so profound and wonderful. 

As Albert Einstein said:

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Let’s have fun creating….

What I can do for you

  • I can help you tap into your creative self

  • I can help your child improve their creative writing

  • Need help with decor…. I’m on it!

  • I can help you find emotional healing through writing

  • I can help you edit and publish your work

  • Motivational or educational speaking

Fun Facts About Me

  • I am mom to four kids and wife of my bestie
  • I have lived on 3 continents, South Africa, New Zealand & Australia
  • I walked the Camino across Spain (800km) in 2018 
  • I love a good coffee & red wine (chocolate is up there on the list too!)
  • I love hiking and being in nature
  • I binge watch Netflix now and again
  • We fostered children for five years
  • I believe gratitude is a key to a happier life
  • I live on a farm in Australia with my family, our dog, a miniature pig, chooks and a baby calf
  • I love cooking with produce from our garden
  • DIY is another love of mine and if I wasn’t a writer I would design interiors
  • I am a thrift store addict