• Rising, Soaring, Sky’s the Limit, Scaling ….

    April 27, 2016 I have certainly been absent for a while and life has felt extremely busy – overwhelmingly so! It has not all been in vain though -I am delighted to announce that the third book in The Destiny Chronicles, THE RISING, is available through my website. Writing this third book has been an adventure, […]

  • I Did It!

    You know the little things you accomplish in life, that make you feel as though you have conquered Mount Everest even when others around you may not find it such a monumental big deal; or they may not even get excited for you when to you, it is as though your greatest dreams and achievements […]

  • Promoting Your Books

    I have to admit this is the hardest part for me – I have no problem creating and putting down my stories, but I am REALLY bad at marketing. I could not sell water to a man dying of thirst!! Well, this is the challenge, because writing and self-publishing a book is really the easiest […]

  • Breaking News

    It has been a few months of hard work but it is finally paying off. I am delighted and very excited to say that Book 2 of the Destiny Chronicles is almost complete and well on its way to publication. My goal is to see it published by the end of August if possible. I […]

  • Finding Time To Write

    I have been interrupted at least five times since beginning this post and as I type there is a baby who is refusing his nap time and yelling for me. So my post has evolved to “How to find time to write.” As a busy Mum of six children ranging in age from 21 down […]

  • Getting Your Book Out There

    Today is the last day for the giveaway of my book “The Awakening” and I have three books I am giving away. I was delighted to see that 1473 people have requested my book – way more than I ever thought would. This is your last chance to get into the draw ( a needle […]