The Destiny Chronicles follow one Family through the generations. As each generation faces new and exciting adventures, they not only learn more about themselves, but just how far they will go to fight for their future. The Destiny Chronicles are stories with heart and soul – full of adventure, fantasy and romance.



awakening-sw-coverThe Awakening

One Family…One Tyrant…One Truth…

Mackenzie Hamilton and his wife Imogene always did what was expected of them. Leaving their homeland to fulfil the prophecies spoken over them by the Elders of the Clan, they journey to Griswold with their four children. Once so beautiful, mysterious and magical, Griswold slowly turns to a desolate place without joy or hope. There they encounter a power hungry tyrant who rules his people with fear and manipulation. Never in their wildest dreams do they imagine what a threat they pose to his kingdom. When tragedy strikes and all is stripped away, tearing their family apart they have to dig deep to find courage within to take back what is theirs and to discover who they really are. Will the mistakes of their past be their undoing or will their faith in the Great One be enough to conquer an evil that threatens to consume them?

A novel where tragedy confronts belief and victory depends upon it.

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the-reckoning-cover-cropThe Reckoning

One woman…Two men…Many secrets…

Four years have passed since the Hamilton family escaped the clutches of the Dark Lord to make a new life for themselves. Aislinn Hamilton, now a young woman, is on the brink of following her dreams with a desire to change the world. As she embarks on this new journey she meets someone who will change her life, challenge her values and beliefs and will capture her heart. Love takes her on a road back to the awful past she has tried so hard to forget – a past she does not want to relive.

Aislinn will discover shocking truths about herself , her beliefs and the relationships she has developed.

A novel where love and trust are challenged to their limits

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rising-final-cover-crop-resizeThe Rising

Young…Carefree…Wild at heart…

Isabel Williams yearns for a life of adventure. She unexpectedly finds her world turned upside down when she’s thrust into a culture she does not understand. Every value she holds dear is challenged as she begins to experience life from a new perspective. Will she be courageous enough to open her heart to embrace new truth, to rise above the circumstances that threaten her long-held beliefs; or will she allow her intolerance to threaten her chance at happiness?

A novel where prejudice confronts acceptance – only one will rise to conquer the other.

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the golden cage

The Golden Cage

It was the opportunity of a lifetime to paint a King’s portrait. Summer Sveinsson enters court full of enthusiasm and trust – until the King sets his sights on her as his next mistress. Her naiveté is soon shattered by a lustful King, a jealous Queen and a shocking betrayal that catapults her on a perilous journey, changing her life forever.

A novel about courage and love in the face of fear.

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