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  • July 12, 2015
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  • Author: Caroline Hemingway
It has been a few months of hard work but it is finally paying off. I am delighted and very excited to say that Book 2 of the Destiny Chronicles is almost complete and well on its way to publication. My goal is to see it published by the end of August if possible. I am delighted with how it is all coming together and the thought of a second book is almost too good to be true. Here is a snippet of what is to come.

One woman……Two men….. Many secrets…….

Four years have passed since the Hamilton family escaped the clutches of the Dark Lord to make a new life for themselves. Aislinn Hamilton, now a young woman, is on the brink of following her dreams with a desire to change the world. As she embarks on this new journey she meets someone who will change her life, challenge her values and beliefs and will capture her heart. Love takes her on a road back to the awful past she has tried so hard to forget – a past she does not want to relive. Aislinn will discover shocking truths about herself , her beliefs and the relationships she has developed.

A novel where love and trust are challenged to their limits.

I have to admit it has been an adventure writing this second book and it has not been without its challenges. The first book was written straight from my heart and although the characters and the story was fictional a lot of the story was intertwined with personal tragedy and emotional experiences we went through as a family. The second book continues to question certain beliefs which has been my journey over the last few years, however the story and the characters have evolved to be less personal in a way. Moving a book from a simple adventure, fantasy story to adding a romantic element has also been tricky to negotiate. While I am aware that my story would probably be more for older teens and young adults I had to rewrite my love scenes many times when I felt they were too detailed for the audience. At the same time I did not want to lose the reality and the authenticity of the experience by being too vague.

While the Awakening is about a family’s journey of self- worth and self-discovery of who they are and what they believe, the Reckoning is about those new beliefs being challenged and tested, about how we perceive things and find truth. Both novels hopefully make us think about who we really are and what is important to us as we journey through life. I have had a blast writing these stories and I’m well on my way with the third and final (I think) book in the series.

Writing has truly opened a new world to me – and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity and privilege to share this world with those who will pick up my books. I hope you enjoy – stay tuned for the next book – it won’t be long now….



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