How many people get the opportunity to do what they love?

I am so grateful that I have found the thing that inspires me, fills me with joy and allows me to be my crazy, creative self.

For many years I worked as a teacher and then in the Non-Profit Sector, and although I loved what I was doing at the time, there was always something missing. I discovered what it was after a few traumatic events in my life.

I had a monumental AHA moment, when I realised that my enjoyment of life and my inner happiness was lacking, because I was always trying to please others. I had lost myself along the way and didn’t really know who I was. So, I decided to learn how to not give a shit so much about what others thought of me, I threw caution to the wind as I embarked on a journey to find myself and what it truly means to live.

Part of this journey opened me to creative processes and eventually it brought me to writing.

I began writing by accident to process my trauma, and I discovered that I didn’t need to sit on a psychotherapists couch at $120 an hour to discover my feelings – writing is the best therapist I could ever have asked for and cheap too!

Just allowing myself time to be creative through writing healed me in so many ways – it took my mind from the pain I experienced and directed it into something else – something that I could control, in my world that was at that time out of control.

My books are a combination of adventure, fantasy and romance and are written for older teens and young adults. They are stories with heart and soul and address many themes that we face in life, including betrayal, rejection and loss as well as love, perseverance, courage and victory.

Each of us has the ability to be creative in some way – it is not just something we are born with. Creative talent increases the more we use it and experiment with it. Let us inspire one another to new creative heights.

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