Finding Time To Write

  • May 13, 2015
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  • Author: Caroline Hemingway

I have been interrupted at least five times since beginning this post and as I type there is a baby who is refusing his nap time and yelling for me. So my post has evolved to “How to find time to write.”

As a busy Mum of six children ranging in age from 21 down to 18 months old my hands are crazy full and very little of my time is my own – unless I strictly make it my own. Fortunately I am a night owl and so I have me time late at night when everyone else is fast asleep, but usually by then I am not feeling creative to write – I just feel exhausted but not too tired that I want to forfeit time to myself, so I unwind by reading or watching something relaxing. So when do I write?

I write between the chaos and noise – when the baby naps or at any moment I feel inspired. I try and make time every morning to write something but even then it can be interrupted by the four year old or the baby and some mornings I feel less creative than others. The main thing when I am inspired or have a storyline thought is to get it down on paper as soon as possible. The number of times I have thought  I will remember a thought only to lose it in daily life has been more times than I care to remember. My most frustrating place is in the shower – what is it about hot water cascading over you that unleashes the thought processes and ideas? Is it just me or do you have the same experience? Problem though is that there is nowhere to write these brilliant ideas down in the shower and so many get lost down the plug hole. My dear hubby came up with a solution and it seems now the whole family has jumped on the bandwagon. He purchased some chalk pens and I am able to scribble ideas on our big mirror next to the shower when they strike. The whole family has turned my mirror into an inspirational message board and each day I wonder what new message will be written. We have had some really good thoughts put up too. I loved the one my eight year old son posted –

“When peace and joy fails between you and people, don’t lose hope there is always peace and joy out there, you just have to look.”

Wise Boy!!

 The point I am making though, is that our best ideas and thoughts don’t always come when we are sitting in front of the computer trying to write something – it may be when you are in the school pick-up traffic jam, the shower or at the gym. That is when you have to become creative on how to capture those thoughts and remember them before they are gone – to find the time to jot them down in the craziness of day to day life. The dream of being an author and shutting myself away in some quiet retreat may sound appealing but is totally unrealistic – I have a busy household and responsibilities that don’t allow for that. Would I want it any other way – definitely not!! I thrive on being busy and my family’s support. True, I probably would be a better writer if I could spend hours poring over my storylines and writing without interruption, but my goal has never been to be on a bestseller list (Why not you ask?) but just to write for enjoyment and for others to enjoy my stories, to bring awareness of social issues to the consciousness of people and to make a difference in this world. I want to know I have lived my life well at the end, caring about those closest to me and even those I don’t know but who suffer in this world. That is the most important thing to me. So even though I may not have time to write to my hearts content I will keep doing it when I can because I love it.

 And on that note I have a toddler yelling for me from the toilet…..



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