Getting Your Book Out There

  • April 15, 2015
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  • Author: Caroline Hemingway

Today is the last day for the giveaway of my book “The Awakening” and I have three books I am giving away. I was delighted to see that 1473 people have requested my book – way more than I ever thought would. This is your last chance to get into the draw ( a needle in a haystack I know but 3 people have to win and hey, it could be YOU!) So get over to Goodreads and enter the draw.

I was also very excited that one of my tweets was retweeted by a stranger and so greater reach for my work has happened.

That brings me to today’s topic – how the heck do you get your book out there?

Honestly, I am struggling with this one and I don’t have some fabulous answers for you because when it comes to marketing my work and putting it out there I am a little insecure. Creativity I have no problem with, just a little sense that just maybe someone else won’t like my work. So, this leaves me finding it difficult to get on social media to promote my books.

I know the importance of using these tools to  make my work known and so I am chipping away at them very conservatively. The biggest mindset change I have had to make over the last few weeks is to change how I think. My goal when I wrote this book was to tell a story – to help me work through a very difficult and painful time and to put all my pain, discovery and hope into a story. It was not written in the hope of making money or becoming famous.

However I also learned that I had to stop feeling embarrassed about my work – yes it possibly could have been written better and in greater depth, but for me it was a starting point – and I hope each subsequent book will be better written, will challenge me more and be a richer tapestry. I need to like what I have done, believe in it and I have come to a place where I do now.

Once I  cleared that hurdle I began to think differently about my book – I need to believe it will sell – that somehow it will capture readers and they will want to read it.

So before you begin with all the marketing strategies (and there are many) believe what you have created is worth it and that it has value.

Some other ideas are to create a Facebook page, Tweet regularly (which I’m pretty bad at), make family and friends aware of your book, use pinterest and be generous with your book. I have had personal giveaways, Goodread giveaways and plan a few more in the next few months. Goodreads are a great forum for getting your book out there. Offer your book to your local community – the library, schools etc.

Now I cannot say I have had numerous sales (yet!!!) but it is also a waiting game and patience is important. Blog regularly and create a website so people can learn who you are. The more you create presence the more people will learn who you are – be willing to guest post on blogs and answer readers questions.

I wish I had the magical answer how best to go about this – I don’t, but my motto is that if you believe anything then you can achieve anything. Writing has been a joy to me and is priceless in my world. Don’t let the marketing put you off creating your work of art – go for it and believe that the world will be a better place when your work is published.

Happy writing and creating …..



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