Marketing – The Ups and Downs

  • October 7, 2016
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  • Author: Caroline Hemingway

I love writing – I can get lost in it when I sit down at my laptop and creativity flows – the words tumble out faster than I can type them at times, and it is a wonderful place to be lost in – everything around me almost fades into obscurity as I am transported to whatever world I want to be in, I get to have the best adventures as I become the characters on my page.

It sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? It actually REALLY is.

If only that was all there is to it, but sadly writing stories is the easy part (for me anyway). The really difficult part of being an Indie author is getting your book out there – becoming known, and I am learning along the way. It is hard grind and work to keep marketing yourself and I, like other creative people before me, find the tedious journey of marketing a bit frustrating at times. Sure, I would love to hire someone to do the work for me, but the truth is that when you are starting out and you’re unknown and your book sales looks like a flat line on a heart monitor, there just isn’t the finance to get someone else to do it. So I have to plod along blindly, trying all the tips and advice I have received through other authors. Some of them seem to work okay but others are just downright frustrating. It doesn’t help that my lingo when it comes to SEO, marketing and all that stuff is limited – sometimes I feel like I am reading something an alien from another planet wrote.

Still, marketing has to be done, and even though I wish I could just wave a magic wand and have it all set up it doesn’t work that way. My biggest frustration is that it is incredibly time consuming and having to check social platforms every few hours and respond to things eats into my time. When I am trying to build followers on Twitter and Facebook and have to manage all the random bots (see I do know SOME terminology) and fake twitter followers it drives me a little nuts. Believe it or not I am finding it very hard to tweet anything relevant too – There never seem to be enough bloody characters for me to say what I want. Ha, the art of saying it shortly and sweetly – still learning to get there.

So how do authors manage to juggle their marketing time with their writing time? I honestly don’t know – I haven’t found the answer yet. I do begrudge my time spent marketing or learning to market because it eats into my writing time. Still, I am acutely aware that unless I make the time, there will be no one to read my books and so I persevere, trusting that one day my book sales report will have a stronger heartbeat and I won’t have to do so much grind work. In the meantime I will write like crazy between doing household chores for a family of eight, playing taxi to all the kids, marketing my books. My hubby told me the other night that I needed more sleep but the truth is that late at night when everyone is asleep and no one requires anything more from me is the one time I get to have down time that is uninterrupted. I guard it fiercely. So if there is anyone out there who has incredible, magical marketing tips for me – I’m all ears!!



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