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  • September 10, 2015
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  • Author: Caroline Hemingway
I have to admit this is the hardest part for me – I have no problem creating and putting down my stories, but I am REALLY bad at marketing. I could not sell water to a man dying of thirst!! Well, this is the challenge, because writing and self-publishing a book is really the easiest part – getting people to know about your books and to buy them is another story. Up to this point I have had little success (just being really vulnerable here) and I certainly have not made any money. Does this deter me or make me feel disappointed that years of work is largely unrecognized. I have to say NO! I don’t feel disappointed because I have accomplished something great even if my kids are the only people who ever read my books. My intention was never to write to make money (which is a good thing or I’d be starving by now) but rather to tell a story – to let out creativity and to bring healing to myself. I have managed to do that so I guess it has been a success. Would I like my books to be well read? Of course – what author wouldn’t want that. I have a confession to make – I dream about my books being made into movies – I dream about who I see playing the characters and all the wonderful fantastic creatures that could be created with special effects. It’s a whole new creativity process going on in my brain.

 So how have I tried to promote my books? Well I have followed the usual avenues – Social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and I have joined up with the Goodreads author program and Amazons author program. I have had some free giveaways  and I have given away my kindle copy of The Awakening for a few days on Amazon. I have created a website, started blogging about my writing and so on… it’s just not enough though! SO I created this little promotional clip on Youtube – it was fun putting it together but so time consuming – who knew video editing was so stressful 🙂

 Anyway I have added the video below – take a look and I hope you enjoy.



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