Rising, Soaring, Sky’s the Limit, Scaling ….

  • April 27, 2016
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  • Author: Caroline Hemingway
April 27, 2016

I have certainly been absent for a while and life has felt extremely busy – overwhelmingly so! It has not all been in vain though -I am delighted to announce that the third book in The Destiny Chronicles, THE RISING, is available through my website.

Writing this third book has been an adventure, and although I have had to fit it in between school runs, sport events, fostering and access visits, playing Supermum (not) to six kids and being sexy siren to my gorgeous other half, I actually managed to get it done. Of all three books in the series, I enjoyed writing this one the most – moving the characters to another context and culture made it fun and gave me more scope to build the story.

I thought I was done with the Destiny Chronicles but as I was nearing the end another story-line for the next generation popped into my head. It’s a problem when you can’t get your damn brain to shut down.

“Why do you need another book in this series,” my honey asked me.


 “Just because I can, and I have a story-line,” I mumbled weakly.

“Okay,” he replied and I could mentally see him thinking of me being absent for large story writing chunks, eating takeouts when things get insane and my deadline is looming, the kids not being bathed for days as I am engrossed in my book.

That will NEVER happen!!

So with this new story-line in mind I began writing and although I had it all worked out, I just couldn’t get the words out so that they flowed and made good sense. I feel like I’ve had a writing meltdown – that dreaded block that is damming up a river of words and it is so frustrating. This has made me a little unmotivated and so I have had to lay it down for a little while. I know some writers say that one should just persevere and write anyway – even if it is crap, but I can’t work that way – the more frustrated I get the more I struggle, so walking away and doing something else like this totally stress-free, no pressure blog post is my way of working through it. I know there are many more stories in me and that the sky’s the limit ….. I just have to find my wings again rise above this horrible lack of words.

In the meantime I will have to blog till I’m blue in the face – maybe inspiration will swoop down and grace me with her presence.



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