Trying to Take-off

  • May 27, 2016
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  • Author: Caroline Hemingway
I have been trying to get my fourth book off the runway and into the air. I feel like I have the right aircraft (the story line) and it’s all systems go, but somehow every time I try to get some speed to really take off, a red ABORT light flashes and I have to slow down and start the process all over. This is not writer’s block because I know exactly where I am going – this is called life interfering in my sacred writing time. Life has been hectic in our household of late and I have felt like a chicken without its head at times. Craziness has a way of stripping motivation from one and this has been the first time I have known where my story is really going but having no time to sit and write it. When I have had time I have really struggled to get the words out – nothing has flowed or I’ve had very little motivation because I am just so tired!

This time of the year is always hectic. My honey has school exams to set and mark and reports to write and that is usually a stressful period of time. Kids have exams to write and Michaela (my eldest) has a number of Hospital Visits to make to choose her preferred hospital to work at next year for her grad year. Then she will have to get numerous applications in. Simultaneously my eldest son is undergoing his application process to become a member of the Victoria Police and Mum is involved in keeping track of all these processes. It’s no wonder I can’t really focus on writing.

To top it all off this week we have had drama with the DHHS (Department of Human and Health Services) regarding access for our Foster boys. Kel (the 2 year old ) also had a fall at preschool last week on the concrete and managed to give himself a buckle fracture on the wrist. Usually they just put the arm in a splint but keeping a two year old calm and still is IMPOSSIBLE so they decided to put it in a cast. Just when I thought the craziness of the week was over, he started vomiting. Two days of changing and washing copious sheets and bedding I thought we would see the light when the  five year old started vomiting. So today both boys are home – one on the mend and the other one sporadically throwing up and I am ready to leave for good if I have to do one more clean-up or load of washing.

I sat down to lunch – been wanting to try this chicken and vegetable soup for a while now and thought today was a good idea – until I saw it – bland in colour with little cubes of vegetable floating in the soup – I could not bring myself to take one bite after cleaning up vomit for two days – it was a bad lunch choice!

So I settled for a piece of toast and coffee and decided to write something – even a blog post would be good to get me back into the saddle.

I hope that I will get well and truly off the ground with my new book – I really want it to flow and to be enjoyable writing it. I know I am over-dramatizing it too, as it’s not as though I’ve done nothing – I’ve written seven chapters but it has been hard work up to this point – we’ve had lift-off but now I need to get some of the wind currents to really give me the thrust I need. Watch this space – it will happen when I’m over the kiddo woes.



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